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EXCLUSIVE: Her glitzy sham LGBTI Awards just went bust with her own business partner claiming she's been defrauded. While in the recent past she's been accused of ripping off her own employees. But LOTL publisher, Silke Bader, is now begging people to donate at least $20,000 so she can start a so-called community 'foundation'. Serkan… lotl.com — 3 Meeting through a dating app, three women from very different backgrounds navigate life, love and the complexities of the modern queer experience. Same Same is the story of Emily, Aviva & Sam, three queer women figuring out how to live their lives under the changing timetable for adulthood and the ever-evolving world of dating. In the technology world, “living off the land” (LotL) refers to attacker behavior that uses tools or features that already exist in the target environment. In this multi-part blog series, we’ll explore why attackers use LotL, review a selection of the tools and features they use, and discuss examples of actual LotL attacks. Also take pyridium for 2-3 days(it stains the urine orange) and sit in warm non soapy water. Also consult a doctor for antibiotics prescription if the symptoms persist. In future also, urinate immediately after intercourse to flush out the bacteria and ask your partner to indulge in plenty of foreplay or use lubricant jellies. I hope it helps. Stitch Labs is an operations management platform that provides accurate retail reporting and visibility into your inventory. In retail, we’ve got a lot of numbers to keep track. Demand forecasting metrics, various marketing KPIs, pricing, SKU numbers — it’s enough to make anyone lose track. And we’re about to add another one to the mix: lot numbers. Member States have the obligation to establish, maintain and publish trusted lists of qualified trust service providers and the qualified trust services provided by them. The lists are available for consultation on this page. one partner can get 't, there's fear that the other could too, remember after cancer, for a while we used to drink a lot before sex, 'ust to feel light and carefree.' 'And who knows if lack of libido S hormone ... Lesbians On The Loose Magazine 19 . Title: LOTL, October 15 For malware authors, the idea of exploiting existing software on a user’s machine to achieve malicious purposes has a lot of attractions. For one, it means less work for them in developing custom malware. Behavioral Anomaly Detection (BAD) technologies identify threats without relying on static IoCs, enabling detection of zero-day malware as well as fileless malware and Living Off the Land (LOTL) tactics. Learn how NIST tested BAD against 15 IoT/ICS-specific threat scenarios. Dive Insight: LotL and supply chain attacks take advantage of trusted applications and partner ecosystems. Preventing these types of attacks demands more sophisticated detection tools. Pursuing script-based attacks are easier to make and 'trivial to modify,' Kevin Haley, director at Symantec Security Response, told CIO Dive in an email.

Creating fun and unique Monsters for use in your campaigns.

2020.03.06 01:46 Gelnar-Bloodwing Creating fun and unique Monsters for use in your campaigns.

Hello I'm back again, here to continue creating unique things for use in your campaigns.
Today I'm moving off of NPCs/PCs into making a fun monster and something you can put into any campaign.
The monster we are making is our good cryptid friend Mothman!
First we will start with some lore:
Legends are spoken in many cultures of grotesque humanoids with the features of a Moth, some speak of these as mere tales to tell troublesome children well they sleep but unknown to many these creatures are very, very real, they are known as Lotl and they are the Cult of the Moth. Their origins unknown even to them, the Cult of the Moth are an Ancient organization, they hide and blend in with society and feed under the cover of night these creatures are horrific beyond reckoning.
Standing around 8 feet tall these creatures stand on two Humanoid Legs(Depending on Race) and contain numerous additional arms across their torso, the normal arms they contain cut off at the Elbow into horrific chitin but below that is a Humanoid Arm. Their heads contain all the features of a Moth but also one additional feature a long sharp proboscis like a Mosquito, the patterns on their wings make even the most stalwart heroes shudder as they seem to look like flesh and clothing with two protruding holes through them. A horrific buzzing sound follows them in their true form and it seems to pierce into the minds of those that see them. Their eyes also blaze and unearthly red that pierces the the darkness.
The Cult is very widespread and each follows similar traditions and functions, they integrate into society and carefully feed on the inhabitants. They do so without killing their victims but when a death does occur they ensure to blame these incidents on Vampires, those that know of the Cult speculate this tactic helps spread the idea of their being many more Vampires then there are in reality.
For an individual Lotl to properly enter society they must masquerade as a Human, Elf or some other creature doing so is easy for them. Folding their wings over their bodies they mimic the texture and look of the race they wish act as and a fleshy hood of skin folds over their head molding to the shape they desire. Sticking their main arms through the membranous holes in their wings they look like any other individual and can move through society with ease.
Mating with a Lotl produces a traditional offspring of the race but over time they begin to change and morph into their true form although with less easy ways of hiding themselves. The Cult's purpose is unknown, they appear to just wish to feed but what other sinister motivations they have are a mystery.
The Cult worships a Moth Deity named Olapap that they claim has blessed them and their children with the gift of the God's form, well know record of such a God exists regardless the Cult follows in its footsteps and following its will. What its intentions are, are unknown, but some speculate based on the religious sites they have found that the Cult is obsessed with knowledge of the Stars and specific Constellations. As well as making symbols that can only be seen from high in the sky.
When a Lotl lands a bite attack with its proboscis it begins to feed on the blood of its victim. This deals 1d6 points of Constitution Damage each round until the Lotl stops or the target is dead. The Lotl gains 1d6 points of temporary constitution until 24 hours has passed or they expel the Blood they have drained, what the Blood is used for is unknown.
Lotl can take on the form of other humanoids by folding their wings over their body and allowing a fleshy hood to cover their head. The wings mold and morph into clothing and flesh of the desired Humanoid and they stick their main arms through membranes in the wings to complete the disguise. In this form it is almost impossible to discern that the Lotl is anything else but its desired race, but a few things can give it away.
If the "Clothing" is removed and bare flesh of the torso is touched it is easy to tell it is fake as the texture is slimy and membranous and the insectoid arms underneath wriggle and move as well as provide strange "Lumps" across the torso. Also when undressed it is easy to notice that the Lotl's "Neck" is not entirely connected to the torso.
If a strong source of light is shone on the face of the disguise the bright red eyes of their true form will pierce through the flesh and focus on the source.
Those with good perception(Spot in 3.5) can notice that the way they walk or move their normal arms is not consistent with other humanoids. Well it may be easy to pass off as a simple quirk closer examination does show that the arms do not seem to have full range of motion. A high perception/spot roll can notice that sometimes the clothing seems to move or flex slightly.
Light entrancement:
Much like normal Moths, Lotl are fascinated by the light, although not to the same degree as normal Moths, the brighter and stronger the light will draw their focus for a brief moment.
When a Lotl is struck with a bright light they are stunned for 1 round before they compose themselves.
When a Lotl mates with another humanoid they produce a Half-Breed, this creature looks like a combination of the Race the Lotl was at the time and the Race of FatheMother but overtime they begin to show their true forms. Upon reaching adulthood the body of the Offspring morphs into its true form, Lotl prepare their offspring for this day, and at this time they usually kill their partner if their partner is not knowledgeable of the Cult and supporting them.
The Offspring unlike a Pure Blood can only morph into its original race, though if it mates with a Pure Blood it produces another Pure Blood Offspring that inherits the abilities of its Pure Blooded Parent.
Sleeping Scales:
When a Lotl ambushes its prey it will usually release scales from its wings that causes the victim to fall into a deep slumber if they are not in combat. They then begin to feed on the sleeping creature which does not awaken if punctured by the Proboscis of the Lotl but will awaken if struck by anything else. DC 25 Fortitude Save.
When in combat the Lotl can also release these scales but their hopeful victims pumped up on adrenaline are more easily able to resist the call of slumber. DC 18 Fortitude Save.
Piercing Buzz:
Lotl make a horrific buzzing sound in their true form it sounds like a swarm of bees and it raises in pitch when the Lotl begins to focus on a target. Lotl can focus this sound and assault a target's mind with the sound this deals 2d6 points of damage(Psychic in 5e) and the target must succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude save or be sickened by a horrible headache. This is a Psionic Ability.
Psionic Abilities:
As Lotl age and grow they begin to unlock Psionic powers these powers are unique to each individual, how or why they unlock these powers is unknown.
The Lotl have a complex society, based around their worship of Olapap, in the form of a Cult known as the Cult of the Moth. They do the bidding of the High Priest or High Speaker of Olapap and ensure the cultivation of their people. Lotl rarely if ever separate themselves from the Cult of the Moth, the horrific forms they have inherited insure that they will never be accepted unless by the most open or depraved individuals.
Lotl are not necessarily evil creatures well their motivation is largely unknown, they are shown to be quite friendly even in their true forms, as long as those they interact with accept them for what they are. Most would find this hard due to a Lotl's desire to feed on the blood of Humanoids though.
As Lotl grow up they begin to unlock Psionic abilities, those with the strongest abilities awaken and grow into a High Priest/High Speaker of Olapap, these Lotl are much taller, stronger, and with more regal markings. A High Speaker speaks directly to Olapap and leads its faction of the Cult to do the God's bidding, some of this is cryptic or strange but the High Speaker ensures its followers know that all will be shown in due time.
Lotl have a strange obsession with the Stars and Constellations, this seems to be related to their faith but no concrete evidence has been devised of the connection. Lotl are also known to sacrifice others if the High Speaker orders it, these sacrifices are always done on the night of a Full Moon and the sky is clear with the stars shining down.
Lotl are fiercely protective of the society they have bonded too, the society feeds and nourishes them and they will kill all who threaten them. Lotl prefer to use their insectoid limbs as weapons but some are known to use more conventional weapons in addition to their own bodies.
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2019.10.01 16:31 Blak3Nikos Zombie Land Saga Season 1 Review

Once more, for the uptenth billion time, October has finally arrived. The birds are singing, people have already decorated their houses, pumpkin is back in fashion, and supernatural creatures are currently roaming around the Earth. Terrorizing men, women, and children who weren't born on this lovely month. Yup, horror month is back :). Now to those who are new or have completely forgotten. Horror month is where I review anime's that have any of these specific genres to them: horror, thriller, psychological, dark fantasy, and etc.
We start of the 1st day of Horror month or October with zombies. Zombie Land Saga to be more specific. When I first came across this anime (before it debuted) not only did I find out it was coming out on birthday. But I also didn't think much of it. I didn't believe that this what I believe at the time "simple show" would gather a lot of attention and love from anime fans. Boy was I wrong. ZLS was so good and over to it's core audience, that 3 months ago it was announce that it was going to be renewed for a second season. Obviously my curiosity peaked even higher. The reason why is because I was original going to give this show a shot way before I found it was getting renewed. Anyway shall we see if this anime was actually worth the watch? Here is my review of Zombie Land Saga.
"In the year 2008, high school girl Sakura Minamoto is abruptly killed by a truck while heading to an audition. 10 years later, Sakura, along with six "legendary" girls from various eras of Japan's history, are brought back as zombies by a man named Kotaro Tatsumi, who seeks to revitalize Saga Prefecture by putting together an all-zombie idol group known as Franchouchou." (info by wiki)
Zombie Land Saga...... was surprisingly good. Before the day of my research for this show arrived I was kind of skeptical of this show. I didn't know if it was going to be good, bad, a mixbag, or lukewarm like some of the other anime's have been encountering lately. Thankful it actually a lot better than what I initially thought. Now granted it has two flaws I didn't like, episode 1-4 was kind of formulaic (The girls manager would always book them in gigs, something starts to go wrong at first, but in the end regardless of how things turn out. It always ends positively for the girls.) An the comedy can seem strange to people who are slowly getting use to anime or wanted to try it out for the first time. However I still love this show regardless of those two flaws I will discuss later. As for the formulaic part it only happens in those specific episodes, but even if they were I still enjoy them (mostly because they were entertaining to watch in the end.) An it's comedy might not be for everyone and that's ok. As long as there people who enjoy it's likable and hilarious charm, then the show will continue to do just fine with it's main core audience.
One of things that I like about ZLS would have to be the characters and their baggage. Through out episode 6-12 (excluding Yugiri and Tae) you get to learn more about the girls a lot better than before and the personal gripes that they had to either deal with from the past or what they have to currently deal with, but as zombies. Three that manage to peak my interest the most were Ai, Junko, and Lily. Let's start off with Ai and Junko. Both of these gals have 2 things in common and 2 differences. Their both idols and they both have died in a very (but different) horrific way. However the two of them come from different time periods (Ai is from the 21st century while Junko is from the 20th.) Also the problems that they deal with are different, but at the same time when you think about is kind of similar. An that my friends is the current time. Ai is trying to work hard to stay relevant so that way she won't become a thing in the past. As for Junko because of her being so use to her old time period (the 1980's) she has been having a difficult time getting use to how our current era works (especially with stuff that current Japanese idols have to do in order please and make their fans happy.) The two's problems clash and was a big issue before in episode 6, but as soon as you get to the end of episode 7 it is resolved in a natural and nice way. What I like about Ai and Junko's character arc is that both of them had problems that contrast with the current time and in the end the both of them have decided to solved it by helping one another's issues one step at a time.
Now before I discuss Lily's story and personal problem there something I want to say first. Now according to the anime's Wikipedia page and personal Wiki for this character, Lily is a transgender girl. It would seem like whoever wrote those articles clearly wasn't paying close attention to episode 8 nor do they understand what it means to be an actual transgender. To give a TL;DR on the definition: a transgender is a person who feels like their biological gender was a complete mistake (gender dysphoria) and wants to do everything in their power to make sure that they fully transform their life and body to the specific gender their trying to become. This mostly has to do with medical surgery, taking medicine that lower testosterone (if your guy trying to become a female) or increase it (if your trying to become a man), and you have to change your personal info to the specific gender you have already became (https://www.psychiatry.org/patients-families/gender-dysphoria/expert-q-and-a and https://srlp.org/resources/changeid/.)
Last time I check (which was yesterday when I first saw this) she has never done or hinted on doing any of these specific things in episode 8. An if you say well what about her name Lily? That is her stage name. In summary (for this) Lily has never fully transition which mean she is a guy with a feminine look. But you have probably notice that I'm referring as a she instead of he. Why is that after everything I just said? The answer is actually quite simple. The anime has persuaded me to both care and address her to that specific gender.
During her time as a human, Lily and her father use to have a great relationship with each other even after her mom passed way. One of the many thing that the two loved to do together was spend time watching TV with each other. Eventually Lily had an idea on how to make her father happier and that was to become a popular idol like the ones they always see on TV. Her father has decided to help support the dream by quieting he's former job in order to become her manger. However things turn from grand to worse when Lily becomes embarrassed by the hair she grew on her leg and decides not to continue being an idol and wanting to keep her femininity. Sadly her life was taken away thanks to the total mental shock she received after finding a hair particle on the lower right bottom of her chin (another sign that her male hormones where slowly kicking in for the first time.)
Even though the issues of keeping her feminine looks and trying to move on from her father (a problem she was dealing with during episode 8) was eventually resolved. It still terrible that her life was taken away at such a young age. It's also sad that she didn't know that there was an alternative to help her become a female permanently without having to worry about her male parts and hormones being a constant nuisance. Because of this I have decided to respect the character's wishes and address her with female pronouns instead of male.
Another character that I really love from this show would have to be Kotaro Tatsumi. He is the one responsible for resurrecting the girls from the dead and is their managebooker. Even though he is a complete psychopath, is not very nice to the girls all the time (mostly because he's terrible with communicating with them, except for episode 7 and 11), is a terrible manager, and is only good at booking shows for them. The guy is still a joy to watch every time when he appears on screen. There are two reasons why that is: 1. The way how he is written is very well made. No matter how many times you seem act like a complete fool around others or himself. He'll still get a laugh or chuckle out of you no matter. 2. He's being voiced by notable Japanese VA Mamoru Miyano (who's design by the way was based off of him.) If you never heard of the guy you may probably recognize him as Death The Kid from Soul Eater, Light Yagami from Death Note (the anime), Tamaki from Ouran, Ling Yao from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Gil from 7 Deadly Sins. I think Mappa, Avex Pictures, and Cygames should be grateful that they got him. Because the performance that he gives in this show is 100% excellent. Every time you hear him it always sounds like he's having a great time playing this character and wants you (the audience) to get invested in him too. No shocker he has succeeded with me and others that enjoy Kotaro's presence in the anime. Without Mamoru, Kotaro would've only worked on paper or in the series's manga.
The last few things that I love about this show would have to be the storyline (I thought it was pretty good. I enjoyed following along the girls and their progression to become notable idols in Saga Prefecture. While at the same time getting know them better and seeing them dealing with/resolving their personal problems.) The characters (the only ones that I enjoy are the main ones, the rest I didn't really care much for.) The music (I thought it was nice. Not something I would listen to again (it's just not for me), but still nice.) The artwork and animation (I thought that the 2D animation and design looked great especially the opening's design which was fantastic.
Which leads me to problem number 1 with this show. The 3D design. It looks nice, but at the same time it looked laggy and at the same time a little uncanny. I understand that the people who were making this wanted to be different from many other idol anime's. But I feel like they could've done a better job at making the pacing and design more better like how Land Of The Lustrous did with their animation and design. Heck you would think many Japanese studios would learn something from LOTL's animation and design and try to implement/make it better in their own way. But it seems like so far that's not the case.
  1. (Spoilers) There's this journalist name Shinta Okoba (he first appears in episode 5.) At the end of the episode he eventually recognizes Junko and decides to investigate her and the rest of gals. You would think that the anime would make him a reoccurring characteproblem that the girls would to deal with. But nope, he's rarely seen in this show at all (heck the male cop that always find out about the girl's secret identity appears more often than him and he's assistant.) The last time you see him is at the very end of episode 12. Which is probably what the 2nd season is going to be focusing on. If that is the case then that's great, but I really wish the show's writer could've came up with some ideas on how to keep him and he's partner as consistent antagonist for this season.
In conclusion I had a very good time watching this anime. I loved the character development that most of the girls received, Kotaro and Mamoru's performance of Kotaro, the 2D animation and artwork still looks great especially it's opening, the storyline, and it's likable and hilarious comedy. It might have had a few bumps, but that still didn't prevent me from fully enjoying this season to the very end. If you haven't seen this yet and are curious to see if it's worth the view or not. I can most definitely tell you with confidence that is and that you should check it if you love both odd, but likable comedy, idol girls, and zombies. I'm giving ZLS season 1 a 9/10, let me know what you guys think in the comments.
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2017.07.25 22:17 LogantheCrazy123 [Fanmade] New Enemies!

B. Lob (White)- "He's just an average slime. Please don't mistake him for that green starry eyed fella from another game. Can survive a lethal strike at least once."
Chem Meleon (Red)- "A relative of Big Sal, and is part of a group named The Scaly Gang. Can sometimes cause Critical Hits, and has Long Distance."
C. Gull (White, Floating)- "A distant relative of Brollow, usually flies around beaches, and does his business in people's ice cream."
Just Beaver (White)- "Him and Moneko are singing rivals. We can see who the clear winner is already, because his singing voice is horrible."
Project: Zero (Alien)- "Made in CWU-01P, she has been teamed up with her partner in crime, Cli-One. Maybe she can join your team, somehow? Has long distance attacks."
Goalfish (Red, Floating)- "He's a coach, and he's pretty good at sports. Perhaps, he could help the enemies be, oh, I don't know, stronger? 100% Chance to bring down your cat's strength."
Panbowlin (Metal)- "His family was hunted by humans. So, he teamed up with the Doges, and got an awesome cyborg makeover!"
Nud. I. Branch (Alien)- "They can eat Man O' Wars, they can give potentially fatal stings, what more do you not want? And don't tease him because of his name either."
Astronautilus (Alien)- "These nautical opponents are used to going into space so much, that they even hope for it!"
Boo-Bie (White)- "Immature jokes aside, this underrated animal is actually pretty nice, just.. not towards cats."
Axe-O-Lotl (Red)- "This axolotl has had enough of the cat's shenanigans and is ready to go all out on them. Can cause shockwaves."
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2013.06.03 03:17 MsNebula I'm sure many 'lotl parents have felt this way. :)

The little 'lotl my partner and I got a week ago has adjusted SO well; he's eating and spending time out in the open. The last two days he's been spending a lot of time swimming around in his silly little axolotl way, wiggling back and forth the best he can, and it just warms my heart!
There wasn't much of a point to this little story, I just wanted to share how pleased I am to be an axie parent and see if any of you have any heart-warming moments of your own you'd like to share. :)
Edit: Words are hard sometimes.
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Wenn euch dieses Video gefällt könnt Ihr mir gerne einen Daumen nach oben und vielleicht auch ein ABO dalassen würde mich sehr freuen :) Mein Facebook Kanal:... This is song 3 of 9, taken from our contribution to the first Online Musik Festival Guest: Daniel Möhrke (LOTL crew, LOTL Ensemble & Recording Sylt) Thanks to our partners in grime: Cyanguitars ... Wenn euch dieses Video gefällt könnt Ihr mir gerne einen Daumen nach oben und vielleicht auch ein ABO dalassen würde mich sehr freuen :) Mein Facebook Kanal:... 10 Jahre LOTL Events 2019: DEC 6 DE-HAMBURG (Rock Show, Tickets available!) DEC 7 DE-HAMBURG (Rock Show, sold out!) ... - Our THORNSTAR production partners and general partners in crime: Eike O ... This time we're not alone. We have asked, if some of you would like to join our lockdown versions. So we got company by Max Power of KINGS OF HAPPY TIME on the electric guitar and Flore Kafka on ... Wenn euch dieses Video gefällt könnt Ihr mir gerne einen Daumen nach oben und vielleicht auch ein ABO dalassen würde mich sehr freuen :) Mein Facebook Kanal:... This is song 2 of 9, taken from our contribution to the first Online Musik Festival Guest: Bengt Jaeschke (LOTL crew & guitarist for Scarlet Dorn) Thanks to our partners in grime: Cyanguitars ... Wenn euch dieses Video gefällt könnt Ihr mir gerne einen Daumen nach oben und vielleicht auch ein ABO dalassen würde mich sehr freuen :) Mein Facebook Kanal:...