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Tried to be polite and social distance right, missed my flight

2020.09.08 17:16 flcbrguy Tried to be polite and social distance right, missed my flight

Upcoming rant...
I like American Airlines, and they are convenient option for flying for work. I went from a few flights a year to more frequent flights after a job change, and then a slowdown after covid. I'm not a million miler, but I'm half a flight away from a status and somehow I missed that half flight. And I'm pissed about it.
Denver airport, labor day weekend. Place was crazy packed, the airlines that are flying, are flying full. We arrived way early as requested, got a bite to eat, and went to sit near our gate a good half hour before they start to board. Social distancing signs everywhere, and a packed gate with no two seats without neighbors, so to be polite we went to the middle of the gate nextdoor to find seats. It was relatively easy to view the monitors at the gate for the gate numbers, and I could make out the gist of the audio communications but based on changing noise levels, couldn't necessarily hear all the details, but I would hear if they called my name, especially if they called it more than once. I did hear them calling other people's names.
Because it was a leisure trip, I booked basic economy, and it was a relatively cheap flight. Prices spiked as they got closer to the date, my tickets were older, and I'm sure it was more profitable to fly someone else, and I think that plays a role here.
I watched patiently for group 9 as they went one by one, and finally walked over to the line when they called group 8. I watched group 8 go down the line, then the person checking tickets walked away. I waited patiently for group 9, but instead they shut the door and took off without me. Whoops.
I asked the gate agent when they were going to call group 9, and pointed out the monitor still showed group 8. She said the screens has a delay, but she hit some buttons and it changed immediately to group 9, then to Final Boarding--she paused to tell me some information, hit more buttons, and it changed to Flight Closed.
They offered for me to stay on standby at the airport, or come back in 2 days, but that's not the best proposition and would cause headaches for my wife at work. We found a flight on United leaving in an hour for $300 and jumped on it. American's position is that the signs are glitchy and it's 100% my fault for not getting in line before the signs told me to. But I watched her change the sign while I spoke with her.
I've been flying for years, and I've heard countless terminal wide pages. I've heard my name over the PA from gates from far away, you are very tuned to the sound of your name. I never heard my name, I never heard final boarding, last call, etc. I didn't get any notifications in app. It is my belief that they rapidly skipped over us to offer the seats to someone on standby who was making them far more money than I was, and because they started boarding late, they neglected to update the signs on time.
I wrote a complaint while waiting for takeoff on United, and got a reply this morning, a nice turn around: "we respectfully decline your request for compensation." I respectfully asked to be escalated to higher levels of customer service, because I really think they didn't operate that gate professionally.
I've missed flights before and when it's clearly my fault, I wouldn't dream of complaining. I still recall the story of an american airlines agent who helped me change to a new flight at no charge when a bad traffic accident made me too late to check in my bag on an international flight in Miami. Awesome guy, and really impacted my decision to fly AA when prices and timings are comparable to other airlines.
Is it really too much to ask that in 2020, that the gate monitors have accurate information? Or that airlines page the terminal for you, or even in app? Maybe we agree to split the blame in half?
On the other hand, my wife had never flown United and when we landed she said she preferred United to AA: better snacks, more drinks offered, more information in their app/wifi page, and TV's in the seats. She had bought a few AA shares recently and today she is selling them and buying United instead.
On the positive side, the previous night our hotel lost our reservation and we ended up at the worlds worst Knights Inn at prices almost equal to a Marriott, and it was nice to have an experience that made that one seem great in comparison.
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2020.06.22 23:24 drericfautstein Fireworks in Every Major City. LEOs setting them off?

Lately, since May or so, literally every night there are countless mortar shells being blasted off, often until the wee hours of the morning.
Many have suggested the police are in on it, trying to make us "want them back" after all the defund police protests.
On the Nextdoor app, there are literally dozens/nearly hundreds of complaints every night about this. We do everything we can here to get police to come out and issue tickets since Fireworks are illegal in my state. But once it's dark, you could literally rob a rank and you won't see any police for hours. It's like they scurry back to their rat infested nest once the sun goes down. Seriously, they could be making thousands every night just by patrolling a few blocks for 20mins. But yet they refuse.
I've lived in a major US city (Denver) for 13 years, and I've never experienced this issue. A friend posted on social media that in New York, it's becoming a major issue. Then one of his friends said in LA, it's also becoming a major issue.
People are literally unable to sleep in my neighborhood because it sounds like a warzone at night, and people are fucking pissed.
Have you noticed a drastic uptick in fireworks lately in your area? People have claimed to have video of Police and Firefighters setting off the fireworks. I'd love to see these videos.
It honestly wouldn't surprise me. You'll be calling for the police too when you can't get any sleep due to fireworks/illegal activity.
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2020.06.21 10:19 19Mooser84 Old interview with Tom and Linda Mauser

June 6 - Tom and Linda Mauser were on their way to the cemetery to bury their only son when something jolted them out of their numbness.
The morning was cold and rainy, less than a week after Daniel - innocent, gentle, shy Daniel - was killed at Columbine High School. As the funeral procession rounded a corner on C-470, the sun poked through the clouds and spotlighted a grassy area on the east side of the highway.
There they were: deer. A whole herd of them. In the middle stood a buck with majestic antlers. They must have crossed the busy highway to get there. It was as if they were looking at the Mausers.
"We are not people who have to see miracles to have faith,'' Tom says. "But to see deer, given Daniel's innocence and gentleness - to be a herd like that, it was amazing. It really told us that Daniel was in a better place. God took him by the hand and he was OK.''
The Mausers have held onto moments like those as they have felt their way through the painful blur of the past seven weeks, since the day two suicidal classmates of Daniel's turned Columbine into the site of the worst school shooting in U.S. history.
Their struggle to inch toward healing and forgiveness - he through public political activism and she through private mourning - is emblematic of the different ways a heartbroken community is learning to cope with the April 20 tragedy.
Shortly after his son's death, Tom emerged as a national figure, a crusader for gun-control policies. While other families withdrew, Tom took his cause to the steps of the state Capitol and the White House, carrying a sign with Daniel's boyish face on it. "My son Daniel died at Columbine. He'd expect me to be here today,'' the sign read. Tom rallied to close loopholes in gun laws during the National Rifle Association's May 1 convention in Denver, and his emotional speech was televised around the world. With first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton at his side in Washington, he told America on the eve of Mother's Day: "Enough is enough.'' When Colorado's two U.S. senators voted against gun-control laws five days later, Tom picketed outside their offices, carrying the sign with his son's picture, now with new words: "Shame on you, Sen. Allard. Shame on you, Sen. Campbell.''
Though many Americans wrote the Mausers with their prayers and condolences, a few accused Tom of being a publicity-seeking zealot, a pawn of anti-gun forces. One irate gun owner phoned the Mausers' 13-year-old daughter, Christie.
The Mausers, both 47, were worried about the family's safety. But Tom persisted.
"It was difficult because we're still grieving,'' he says. "But it was something I had to do.''
Linda supported Tom's activism but grieved more privately. At first she was so shattered she had a hard time getting up in the morning. It took all her strength to comfort her daughter and answer the door as neighbors brought over so many casseroles that a friend had to supply a second refrigerator.
She kept a journal and prayed. She wrote countless thank-you notes to those who donated to Daniel's memorial scholarship fund.
Now she's at a point where she's taking time each day to sort through Daniel's mementos in his bedroom - little bowls he made in preschool, stories he wrote in elementary school, a baby picture of diapered Daniel and his dad wearing Groucho Marx schnozzes. She looks at Daniel's picture every night before she goes to sleep. Often, she cries.
"You try so hard your whole life to protect your kids,'' Linda says. "We didn't do anything but send him off to school that day. If he'd had a car accident, we would have said, "We should have gotten him more driver's ed. We should have taught him those turns.' I just never conceived that he'd be shot in a library.''
Tom gets choked up every time he walks by the family Foosball table. Daniel used to beat him all the time. Daniel knew his dad wasn't much of a challenge, but he was a good sport when his dad asked him for a game.
There are memories everywhere.
"What we have to deal with now is missing him,'' Tom says. "It's not anger. It's not questioning God. It's just really, really missing him.''
TOM MAUSER HAS a favorite story about Daniel from his 5th birthday party. A heavy rain hastened the party's end. Mom and Dad were exhausted. Daniel still had energy. He held up a game he received as a gift and asked his dad if they could play it.
"I said, "Why don't we save this for a rainy day?''' Tom says. "He looked at me and said, "But, dad, it is a rainy day.'''
Daniel, at age 15, was a thinker, an adolescent intellectual. He read Time magazine and watched "60 Minutes.'' A straight-A student, he loved to collect facts and had a precocious way of dissecting political and social issues, a skill that helped him on the debate team.
Just a few weeks before the shooting, he told his father there were a lot of loopholes in the Brady gun-control bill. That conversation has buoyed his father's activism.
"I used to kind of tease him and tell him that he was like an encyclopedia,'' Linda says.
Daniel loved games - board games, computer games, video games. When he got a new one, he devoured the fine-print directions.
"He'd read it all and then he'd just annoy all the kids on the block and say, "Now on page seven, it says this,''' Linda says, laughing.
Sometimes it wasn't easy being so smart and shy. He was comfortable chatting with his adult neighbors but had a hard time with school-yard cliques. Rather than eat lunch with the rest of the students in middle school, he played chess in a classroom with his nextdoor neighbor, Monica Lobser, who worked as the school's gifted and talented coordinator. Lobser knew Daniel as the playful boy who she watched grow up, a boy who explained to her son what T-cells were and confided to her how sad he was when his cat, Alfred, died.
"Because he was so bright, so gifted, those kids aren't always appreciated and understood,'' Lobser says.
Daniel had a best friend - Jeremy Baker, inseparable since the fifth grade. They played games together and had sleep-overs at each others' houses.
"When we were little, he used to know a lot of things that I didn't know,'' Jeremy says. "We'd be laying there ready to go to bed, and I'd ask him a question, and he'd take an hour to explain it to me. One night I asked him about black holes. I said I didn't really understand how they worked. We stayed up really late and he explained it.''
But when Jeremy wasn't around, Daniel kept to himself at school.
In fact, at the time of the shooting Daniel was supposed to be in the cafeteria, where all the students escaped. Because he didn't have any friends in the "A' lunch period, he often ate his lunch quickly and retreated to the library to read magazines or study. And the library was the wrong place to be on April 20.
Though Daniel was shy, he pushed himself: He joined the debate team, which made him speak in public. He wasn't athletic, but he signed up for the track team. His teammates say he wasn't the fastest runner, but he always smiled as he ran.
Daniel wasn't ashamed to hug his mom in public.
"He was a very gentle, peaceful person,'' Linda says. "I kind of worried about him because I saw he was a little naive.''
Linda worried about Daniel when he went away with the French Club on a trip to Paris in March. But he had a great time. Before he left he asked his mom what he should bring her. She said French chocolates.
Instead he brought her a silver cross.
Daniel's favorite place in France was not one of the typical tourist sights. He was enamored with Mont Saint Michel, a monastery off the coast.
"I thought, here's a kid who goes off to France and stays with a family and sees all these sights, and this very quiet, spiritual place was his favorite place,'' says Marlene Dallas, Daniel's godmother. Daniel's mom helped him put a scrapbook together of all the pictures he took in France. He was going to use the photos in a presentation about the trip the day he died.
THE BEFORE-SCHOOL HOURS of April 20 were in some ways like any other day. Daniel got his own breakfast, and Linda, a full-time mom, went through her daily spiel: Did you brush your teeth? Do you have your lunch money?
But before Daniel walked out the door for school, "He just turned around, gave me a smile and said, "I love you,''' Linda says. "And what was really unusual is he told his sister he loved her, too.''
He always told his mom he loved her. Though Daniel and his sister were close, he usually reserved an affectionate "I love you'' for Christie for special occasions. But there was nothing special about April 20 - at least not then. Hours later, Daniel was in the library when a teacher with blood on her shoulder rushed in and shouted for everyone to get under the tables. Many huddled together as they screamed and cried, hearing gunfire and voices outside the door. Daniel crouched by himself under a table in the middle of the library.
A student later told the Mausers that Daniel comforted an hysterical girl under a nearby table, telling her to "talk to God.''
Then the gunmen entered the library shooting and laughing. They killed nine students and wounded many others before they came to Daniel's table. Eric Harris fired at Daniel and hit him. Wounded, Daniel pushed chairs at Eric and ran toward him. A second shot hit Daniel.
"That was the end of him,'' Linda says.
Then the gunmen left the library.
When the Mausers heard about the siege at the school, neither panicked right away. The earliest reports said seven people were injured. Tom went through the numbers in his head: nearly 2,000 students, seven hurt. The odds were good that Daniel was OK. And Daniel had never even been in a fistfight. Surely he wouldn't be in the middle of a gun battle.
Linda drove up Pierce Street. She always picked up Daniel and Jeremy from school and thought they would head home together if they got out of school early.
"I never dreamed the scope of it,'' she says.
The street was blocked and police were routing traffic to Leawood Elementary School, where hysterical parents wandered the gym looking for their kids.
Daniel wasn't there. "I still hadn't panicked,'' she says. "I thought, "I'll go home. He'll call me.'''
She picked up Christie at middle school, and the two waited. The phone kept ringing. Each time she was hopeful as she picked up the receiver, but it was only friends, neighbors and Tom asking if Daniel had called.
Tom, who manages the transit unit at the Colorado Department of Transportation, was supposed to speak at a conference in Pueblo that day. When the news out of Columbine got more grim, he drove straight to Littleton.
"I heard on the car radio that they were taking kids to hospitals,'' Tom says. "There was a 15-year-old boy injured, and I thought, "This could be my son.'''
That's when panic set in.
When he got home, he and Linda decided she would wait by the phone while Tom went to Leawood. At the school he saw Jeremy with his father. Daniel wasn't with them.
"I'll never forget that vision of kids walking out of the school with their parents crying tears of joy, tears of relief,'' Tom says.
Later, school officials ushered the waiting families into a room full of counselors and victims' assistance workers. Then someone made an announcement that one last bus was coming.
They waited - 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes. The person who made the announcement was wrong. There was no last bus. "It's around that time that they were asking for ...'' Tom pauses and continues quietly, "information, identifying marks.
"I lost it.''
He tried calling Linda, but the lines were jammed. He ran to his car. He was so upset and driving so erratically that a police officer pulled him over.
"He said, "You have to get ahold of yourself. Take some deep breaths. You don't want to kill yourself,''' Tom says.
When he got home, Linda was surrounded by friends and neighbors who were trying to remain hopeful. Monica Lobser was calling hospitals to see if Daniel was there. Christie had gone to a friend's house on the block to spend the night.
Tom was mad and frustrated. No one at the school could give him answers.
Monica's husband, Greg, suggested that he, Tom and another neighbor go back to the school to see if any more information was available. But there wasn't much.
Monica Lobser remembers the shock of Tom's phone call.
"Linda answered it, and we see her grabbing the phone book, and then we heard her say, "Here's the phone number for Daniel's dentist.' We all turned white.''
Tom returned home to be with Linda.
At 11 p.m., deputies went through the school with bullhorns yelling that the coast was clear, the gunmen were dead and anybody who was hiding should come out. No one did.
Though formal confirmation didn't come until the next day, everyone knew that Daniel had died. The neighbors left so Tom and Linda could be together.
They both lay in bed and couldn't sleep. Tom was so distraught he went into the basement.
"I was crying and screaming so loud, Linda heard me,'' he says. "We sat there and tried to comfort each other.''
The next day they walked over to the neighbor's house to get Christie.
"I'll never forget that moment,'' Tom says. "We just kind of looked at her, and we all started crying. And she knew.''
Christie wrote a letter to her brother and left it on his pillow that night.
TOM AND DANIEL used to play a game where they'd try to scare each other. Whoever caught the other more off guard got points. Daniel usually won by catching his dad at the bottom of the basement stairs. Every now and then, Tom feels like Daniel is going to pop out at the bottom of those stairs.
"Logic and reason tell me he's gone,'' Tom says. "But I know that in a week, or a month or a year from now, I'll still be thinking that this was a bad dream and he'll come back.''
The stairway leading up to the second floor of the Mausers' Littleton home is covered with baby pictures and school portraits of Daniel and Christie. Upstairs in Daniel's room, a poster still hangs above Daniel's bed. On it, a chubby cat is frowning, standing above the words, "I AM smiling.''
But the room now is filled with piles of newspapers and grocery bags stuffed with sympathy cards.
There is an empty place at the dinner table.
The Mausers are a family that eats dinner together, says grace together, goes to the movies together. They know their children's friends, their teachers.
"They are the kind of parents who know what their kids are reading, what their thoughts are on social issues, like Daniel saying there are a lot of loopholes in the Brady law,'' says Marlene Dallas, who introduced the Mausers to each other.
Linda went to Utah for Memorial Day weekend with Christie and Marlene just to take a break. It was an annual "girls-only'' trip that they had scheduled before the tragedy. "Under the circumstances, they all seem to be doing really well,'' Marlene says. "I'm no grief counselor, but I can see the different stages - alternating between the anger and the sadness and sometimes back into the shock like we all do.''
The Mausers have relied on their Catholic faith. They have talked about forgiveness, but it's still a little early for that.
"No one can judge another, and I don't know what the circumstances in those boys' lives were and what they were influenced by,'' Linda says of the gunmen. "I can't judge that. But I can't be so glib as just to say, "I totally forgive everything.'
"I'm just in a place where I'm working on it.''
But there are angry, lingering questions about parental responsibility.
"It's difficult for me to comprehend that one day your kid is just an average kid and the next day they're a homicidal maniac,'' Linda says. "It's hard for me to figure that there weren't some signposts on the way.'' More than anything, Tom and Linda are focusing on celebrating Daniel's life. They feel there has been too much talk of the gunmen and not enough about the victims. They don't want Daniel to become a statistic.
"I think we gave him 15 really good years, and he gave us 15 wonderful years,'' Tom says. "That's what we have to reflect on.''
Like some of the other families of Columbine victims, the Mausers have created a Web site - - in their son's memory. A computerized photo album shows Daniel as a newborn in his mother's and father's arms in the delivery room, Daniel and Christie giving toothy grins as toddlers with their blond hair shining in the sun and Daniel playing video games with Jeremy.
Other sections include memories of Daniel's life, pictures of the other Columbine victims and information about fighting gun violence.
"It's one thing to lose a child in an auto accident, but this is such a public thing, and the courage Tom and Linda have shown has been so admirable,'' says Erik Koskinen, one of Tom's coworkers who helped design the Web site. "I really wondered if I would have shown the same courage and strength in the face of something like that.''
It helps that when Tom and Linda look back on Daniel's life, they know they did the best job they could as parents.
"One comfort we have is this: I think the kid had a pretty wonderful life,'' Linda says.
And when the sadness seems overwhelming, the Mausers remember Daniel's innocent smile, his playfulness.
They think about the deer in the sunlight watching them from afar. And they feel peace.
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2020.06.09 21:55 TaroPeril Please join us tonight for a vigil or a march

7pm - Vigil for George Floyd
6:30pm - Black Lives Matter SE Denver Solidarity Walk
More information at
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2020.06.09 15:49 Christinamh What is happening: TUESDAY 06/09

What is happening on Tuesday 06/09

***I fucked up the date on the first one. -____-
As we've seen so much in the past couple of days, it's all too easy for a well-funded and well-organized organization like We Are Love Denver (WALD) to come in and trample over the work that other, more established activists have been doing. Seriously, who has the pull to bring the Broncos on stage after a week of existence? If you see them starting to take over the narrative again and silence other activists (often Black women), even something as simple as chanting "Let her speak" can be effective and get them to back down. This is your movement. Stay angry and keep holding the police and government accountable. We still only have a temporary restraining order against the use of tear gas and rubber bullets and SB217 hasn't passed yet (IT GOES TO THE SENATE TODAY, CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE: Take Political Action)
These are the events I'm aware of so far:
7pm - Vigil for George Floyd
Candles will be provided for those not in a position to buy/bring one, however, supplies are limited. This is an event for all so please, join in this gathering of unity and peace as we say goodbye to a beloved son, father, brother, and friend. Rest In Peace George Floyd.
Donations for the event can be made by Venmo: @GeorgeFloydVigil5280 to supply for candles, waters, and snacks. Any excess in donations will be donated to the bail outs of protestors across Colorado.
6:30pm - Black Lives Matter SE Denver Solidarity Walk
Free COVID testing is available, and has been encouraged for anyone attending the protests. Keep in mind, the median incubation period is 6 days, so don't get tested immediately after exposure. Here's a link with more info:
The below is copy-pasted from previous daily threads:
WHAT SHOULD YOU BRING (for daytime events)?
Legal resources (compiled by u/TaroPeril)
Report DPD to the city
Report to ACLU
Take Political Action (thanks to u/ChristinaMH)
Personal streams (timing varies):
Groups to Follow
We recommend you follow these groups because their messaging is most consistent with the narrative of actual reform (not pre-mature hand holding and singing).
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2020.05.08 21:03 nobadburritos AITA for commenting on houses with my wife as we walk around the neighborhood?

My (34) wife (36) and I love taking walks together. Even before COVID. We live in a really nice area of Denver with all kinds of different houses. We don't own any property (hard to do in Denver), so we love to talk about the ones we walk by.
I'm guessing it's like this in any major city right now, but there's a lot of beautiful, older brick houses and older cute homes. But then there are these hideous modern monstrosities, pop-top failures, DI-Whyyyyy etc. Like you could be walking down a street with gorgeous brick bungalows and a ranch or something, but then across the street there's these towering behemoth modern boxy/square houses, and it just looks... odd. Like they don't belong. Or your random Spanish-inspired architecture which isn't ugly, just out of place.
Anyway we were walking by one of those ugly ass modern houses today and my wife cracked a joke about it (something like "Imagine spending a million dollars on a house just to end up with an oversized box with a balcony that has no entry to it, what is even the point") and I kept rolling with it. We weren't yelling, we were talking in a conversational tone while walking.
Apparently, the owner of the house was behind us getting something out of the car and yelled at us something like, "Hey, assholes, that's my house!"
My wife giggled and looked behind and just kept walking, and the guy got pretty pissy and dropped the stuff in his hands and came charging up at us. He started yelling at us, saying that he was sick of people like us coming around judging his house, and then going on and on about it. He got pretty pissy and kept getting closer, so I said "Hey bud, mind stepping back so you're 6 feet away while you're throwing your temper tantrum?"
He flipped me off, called my wife a fat cunt, and told us to get off his street, and if he ever saw us outside his house again, he's turn on the sprinklers. This was honestly such a funny threat that my wife and I just couldn't hold it back and started laughing. We kept laughing about it until we got home.
Then about an hour ago, I pop open NextDoor to find that the dude posted a long, angry rant about people being rude and commenting on other people's homes. I still find it funny, but man, this guy is really upset.
AITA (We, I suppose)?
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2020.05.03 03:45 JuniperJane93 June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Neighbors in Boulder)

In light of some things Jameson has posted on the Facebook group, I’ve been re-reading. From
0755 1 LOU SMIT: A lot of times when you 2 start a homicide investigation you start right 3 -- in fact, I had a detective tell me that just 4 recently too, you start winding tight circles 5 around, and that's why I was wondering if you 6 had anybody that could have even lived next 7 door. Like I, said I never -- 8 (MULTIPLE SPEAKERS.) 9 JOHN RAMSEY: There might have 10 been. It kind of rings a bell. I think there 11 was also someone that lived in the apartment at 12 one time above 745. They had like an upstairs 13 apartment. It was -- I don't know if it was a 14 full-fledged apartment. I think someone lived 15 up there. 16 LOU SMIT: That's next door to 17 you -- 18 JOHN RAMSEY: To the south. 19 LOU SMIT: To the south, okay. 20 JOHN RAMSEY: Right. 738 was a 21 rental house. 764 was a rental house. The next 22 one down, 774. 7 -- I think it's just those 23 two. 24 LOU SMIT: How about the across the 25 alley from you, I have always been interested in 1 those houses back there. Were you ever 2 acquainted with anybody back there? 3 JOHN RAMSEY: No. I talked to 4 this lady once in that house there. 5 LOU SMIT: That's 756? 6 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, she was a 7 British lady. We did meet these people, David 8 and Ann. The Cobies were weird as hell, 9 frankly. Their house was a pig sty. I mean it 10 was, I had never been in it but Patsy had, and 11 she just described it was, you know, a mattress 12 on the floor for the kids, the kids always 13 dressed themselves, they looked like they just 14 dressed themselves in the morning and were I 15 felt very uncared for. He was very weird. 16 LOU SMIT: Who is he? 17 JOHN RAMSEY: The husband, or the 18 father. He told me once that he was teaching 19 his kids how to ride a bike and he would knock 20 them over so they would learn how to fall off a 21 bike. One day Burke took over a little gun, a 22 plastic gun and he just went crazy, he didn't 23 want any guns in the house. 24 LOU SMIT: Do you know what the 25 man's name is? 1 JOHN RAMSEY: Ruth and -- Patsy 2 would know. He worked for the state. I think. 3 He used to take the bus down to Denver every 4 day. Just, their daughter who was at that time 5 maybe early teenager, would spend hours and 6 hours and hours out on the swing in the 7 backyard, just swinging and swinging, it was 8 like a rope swing. And somebody said gee, that 9 must be -- there must be something wrong with 10 her. We said no, maybe she just doesn't want to 11 be in the house. 12 That's probably right. Evan was a 13 strange little kid. He was -- 14 LOU SMIT: 15 (MULTIPLE SPEAKERS.) 16 JOHN RAMSEY: I just didn't care 17 for him. He was, one time JonBenet was out in 18 the driveway and she had a -- this was several 19 years ago, she had a dress on that didn't have 20 underwear on because it gotten taken off or what 21 and Evan was down, you know, trying to look 22 under her dress and here he was probably at that 23 time a 7 or 8-year-old. I said Evan, cut that 24 out. 25 LOU SMIT: Now didn't they have an 1 older one there too? 2 JOHN RAMSEY: Kai was there, they 3 had a daughter, two daughters. Ruth was the 4 mom, and the daughter was older than the boys, 5 you know. But -- 6 LOU SMIT: How about directly 7 behind you in 756? 8 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, I think that's 9 the British couple, the British lady. I have 10 never met him. 11 LOU SMIT: Do you know if they were 12 home at that time in Christmas of 1996? 13 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't. 14 DAVID WILLIAMS: That the one with 15 the large antenna at the back? 16 JOHN RAMSEY: This one here, 17 that's Kenny Smith. I had met him also 18 actually. He owns a cheese store. He was a 19 nice little guy. 20 LOU SMIT: We had heard that there 21 was a caretaker in one of those two houses in 22 the back, someone was caring for the house right 23 about that time. I don't know if you know 24 anything about that or if you had heard anything 25 on that? 1 JOHN RAMSEY: No, I don't. We had 2 heard once this lady lived here before these 3 people bought it. 4 LOU SMIT: (INAUDIBLE.) 5 JOHN RAMSEY: She was a single 6 divorced women or divorced woman, no kids, was 7 going to CU, and somebody told us that she took 8 in boarders and -- which we didn't know. It was 9 kind of a surprise. But she had sold the house 10 and -- that house actually sat empty for quite a 11 while. There was something -- there were some 12 students who lived in that house after she sold 13 it and these people moved in. 14 LOU SMIT: 777? 15 JOHN RAMSEY: Right. These people 16 did not move in right away. It was maybe almost 17 a year later. 18 LOU SMIT: Now, one of the things 19 that I was always interested in is you have done 20 a lot of investigating into this, and you were 21 around, probably knew some of the people or some 22 of the people had talked to you like Joe 23 Barnhill across the street or maybe the nextdoor 24 lady to the south there. Did anyone, to your 25 knowledge, move out suddenly after this or did 1 you have any indication that somebody may have 2 left suddenly? 3 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't remember 4 anybody doing that.
DOI Page 95
"On December 23 thirty-one people arrived for the party; the Whites, the Barnhills, the Fernies, the Stines, and the Barbers, and all their children, plus their assorted house guests. Later that evening, Glenn Meyer, a single man who rented a room in Joe and Betty Barnhills basement, showed up looking for them. I invited him in because the Barnhills were good neighbors - our family dog, Jacques, lived part-time at their house."
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2020.04.30 20:54 lisaluree Pandemic Companionship - Who is YOUR emotional support person/pet during this Pandemic. Yesterday a Denver neighborhood (thanks Nextdoor) held an outdoor event to showcase neighbor artists (google COVID CREATIONS - channel 7). It felt GOOD to be a part of what makes Denver so special!

Pandemic Companionship - Who is YOUR emotional support person/pet during this Pandemic. Yesterday a Denver neighborhood (thanks Nextdoor) held an outdoor event to showcase neighbor artists (google COVID CREATIONS - channel 7). It felt GOOD to be a part of what makes Denver so special! submitted by lisaluree to Denver [link] [comments]

2020.02.10 17:24 DankestTaco Offering truck snow plowing services. Hand shoveling, ice melt, and snow blowing services too!

I have recently been marketing myself via platforms like nextdoor, Craigslist, Facebook and wanted to reach out to my favorite community, Reddit!
Sometimes a full time job doesn’t cut it, I’m offering truck snow plow services for side income.
Typical residential services start at $40 dependent upon how much hand shoveling is necessary and how many bags of ice melt needed.
I’m a 23-year-old young man I moved to Colorado in 2014 to study at CSU and I currently live in Denver. If you have any questions feel free to reach out via text, call, Reddit messenger, Reddit chat etc.
(847) Two71 - 64O1 Daniel G.
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2019.11.19 21:33 pragachi Support smart urban planning and growth in Denver: Fill out the city's East Area Plan surveys on Building Heights and Housing Options

If you live in the East Area of Denver, you may be aware that the city is updating the zoning codes for all neighborhoods in the area, and it is currently completing the plan with community input. The plan focuses on a few major areas of urban planning: Mobility, Quality of life infrastructure, Economy and housing, and Land use and urban design.
The city's urban planners are trying to implement a future-oriented vision for the area that includes better public transit, allows for greater housing density and variety along and near transit corridors such as East Colfax Avenue, and in general proposes smarter land use policies that will help the neighborhoods and the city grow and evolve.
Unfortunately, a vocal group of NIMBYs, comprised largely if not entirely of wealthy and older homeowners, most of them from the affluent South Park Hill and Montclair neighborhoods, are actively trying to curtail the city's plans. If you have attended any East Area Plan meetings, you will be familiar with their vitriol, myopic and selfish stances, and disregard for differences of opinion from others in the community. They have even formed a fear-mongering grassroots effort that promulgates disinformation and propaganda over social media and during their own community meetings.
But thankfully everybody in the community has the right to express their opinion and the city has tried to make the process as inclusive as possible. The city is currently accepting community input online and you can share your voice by filling out the following two surveys:
  1. East Area Plan Workshop Survey 1: Building Heights and Community Benefits
  2. East Area Plan Workshop Survey 2: Housing Options in Neighborhoods
The city is also welcoming comments and feedback on their updated East Area plan here.
And you can find out more about the East Area Plan on the city's webpage here.
Disclaimer: I do not work or volunteer for the city or any organization. I'm just a resident in the area, who has watched meeting after meeting about the East Area plan get hijacked by angry NIMBYs who have the time and resources to attend meetings and bully city planners and consultants. I know these people do not represent all voices in the community, and yet they are sucking up all of the oxygen in a process that should be as inclusive as possible. Based on their gloating and bloviating on Nextdoor and in their "community" meetings, it's clear that they have been bombarding these online surveys and feedback pages in a coordinated and ongoing manner. If you have not filled out the surveys, please take the time to do so.
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2019.10.28 15:26 JingJang Suggestions for a Good Denver Architect?

Has anyone here had a good experience, (worth recommending), with an architectural firm or lone architect?
I might be looking to do a significant renovation including a new garage. I'd like to work with someone that knows Denver Code, (University Hills), and can draw up a few different options for what we could do.
I'll do the normal Nextdoor and Google-Fu searching too, but figured I'd hit this community up in case anyone had a particularly good experience.
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2019.07.01 20:48 BrassGarlic Drywall Install and Finish Recommendations?

Any drywall installers or finishers you guys know or can recommend?

I'm almost ready for drywall in my basement, so I'd like to start getting some estimates. Unfortunately, google searches and NextDoor haven't yielded much, so I wanted to try here before I began searching Boulder, Foco, and Denver.

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2019.06.17 07:11 FoundCatDEN Found Cat in Hilltop (description + photos)

Hello Denver,

Tonight (June 16th) I found an adult female tabby with white spotting on her face, chest, and paws on 3rd Ave and Forest St (next to the Denver Tennis Club). She has all her claws, weighs about 20 lbs, and had no collar when I found her. I became worried after she tried following me home and ran in front of a car; she seems very scared of vehicles so I think she may be an indoor kitty. Right now I am holding on to her but unfortunately I have two cats already so I want to get this girl home as soon as possible! I have posted this info to NextDoor and will be taking her into the vet tomorrow to see if she has a chip.

EDIT: It turns out he’s a guy. I took him to the vet and they were able to find his chip. He’s actually a patient at that particular vet so they’re holding onto him while they contact the owner.
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2019.05.21 23:28 denver_lass Seen on my Denver neighborhood Nextdoor page

Seen on my Denver neighborhood Nextdoor page submitted by denver_lass to thatHappened [link] [comments]

2019.05.14 05:14 ATru05 Scary neighbor

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this sub, being a safe place to share these stories. I’ve shared a few stories in a previous post, but reading what others have shared has jogged my memory and also made me realize how messed up some of these situations really were.
A year ago, my apartment complex decided they wanted to renovate my unit so I had to move out at the end of my lease. I live in Denver, and rent is pretty ridiculous here, so I started worrying about finding something affordable in my neighborhood, which I love. I posted on the Nextdoor app to see if anyone in my neighborhood knew of any affordable rentals in the area. I immediately got a message from someone named Joe who said that one of the condos in his complex was going to be up for rent soon and he knew the owner. He offered to get me in touch with the owner. I asked if he could send me pictures of the unit and he asked if he could text me some pictures his neighbor took because the chat function on the app is really slow. I now feel stupid for doing this, but I gave him my phone number. I kid you not, I received a phone call from an unknown number within seconds. I normally don’t answer calls from unknown numbers, but I was expecting a call from a number that wasn’t saved in my phone. So I answered it. I was completely bewildered when the person said “hi it’s Joe, how’s your day going?” Huh?
It took me by surprise, and I didn’t know what to say. He started to shoot the shit on the phone, talking about how he works nights and how tired he is and how he takes care of his daughter while his girlfriend works during the day. I finally interrupted and said “sooo...about the condo?” He pretty much disregarded that and said “I don’t think my girlfriend would appreciate me talking to you but I don’t have to tell her, right?”. I said I have to go and immediately hung up the phone. As soon as I did, he started texting me. It was really bizarre and alarming to me. I blocked his number and moments later, he found me on Facebook and sent me a friend request. I’m 32 years old, but it was so disturbing to me that I called my parents to tell them about it and how unnerved it made me. And the worst part is that on Nextdoor, even if your exact address isn’t listed, your complex is. I was pretty certain that I didn’t have my address visible on my profile, but I checked and sure enough, my address and unit number were public. Unable to contact me any other way, he started messaging me again on Nextdoor, asking if I wanted to go on a walk with him. You can’t block or report people on the app so I deleted it. One night a month or so later I had a knock at my door around 10:00 on a weeknight. I looked out my peephole, but couldn’t get a good enough look at the person, he had his head down slightly. Either way, I don’t answer the door for anyone I’m not expecting, especially not a random guy at 10:00 at night. Feeling panicked, I called my neighbor across the hall - she’s an older woman and we look out for each other since we both live alone. I asked her if it looked like he was a delivery guy at the wrong door. She opened her door to get a look at the guy and that spooked him because he literally ran away. I have no idea if this was the Nextdoor guy or not, but my gut tells me it was.
This was a big wake up call. I always felt like I practiced good online safety, but I didn’t even know my address was visible on Nextdoor. I’ll never be casual or lazy about privacy settings like that again.
EDIT: and another! When I was 18 I was still living at home and started dating a guy who was 20 and lived with roommates. I broke up with him after a few months when I learned he was getting into cocaine. He didn’t take it well at all. One night a few months later I was up late studying, I had a test the next day. I shut my light off around 2:00 am and as soon as I did, I heard some rustling around outside. Next thing I know, there’s a knock on my bedroom window. Startled and having no idea who was outside I yelled for my dad. This story is funny more than it is scary 😂 but my dad then comes running into my room in his underwear with a baseball bat, his hair all messed up. He yelled “who is it?!” And the person said “it’s Josh, sir”. My dad responded “you aren’t dating anymore, go home, Romeo!”. Then Josh yells “I just want to talk to you, please come with me!”. My dad threatened to kick his ass so he took off. I looked out the window and saw that he sped off in a car with a couple of his friends. I have no idea what his plan was, but he wanted me to go with him. Could’ve been entirely innocent, but you know that gut feeling when you get it. #letsnotmeetagain
Edit edit: the Nextdoor incident prompted my dad to show up that very night to give me a few crow bars. Like, who has crow bars just lying around? 😂 you’d think I come from a mob family. Anyway, he gave them to me and asked me to hide them in different rooms in my apartment just in case. Writing this out, I realize that my dad has always been there to look out for me.
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2018.11.28 15:34 Knight-of-Nii HOA raising monthly assessments and adding fees despite fact we’ve been under budget by $60k + for past 2 years

Hi all -
Not sure this is the best place for this, but figured I have to start somewhere. So we bought a house in a townhome HOA in Colorado almost a year ago - there’s maybe 200 townhomes in total here. I will admit, up front, that I didn’t put the time or effort into the HOA when I first moved in, and missed the quarterly meetings (also because I work late). Here’s a brief summary of what they’re doing:
1- effective next week, they are bringing back a Parking Policy from 2007 that will charge $30/month ($360/year) per car parked outside our two car parking garages. Bear in mind:
(A) there is absolutely no shortage of open parking spots here, everyday;
(B) the outside parking spots are completely uncovered and unsecured (it’s an open community, no gates and no security);
(C) we live in a smaller town, on the outskirts of Denver - this is the suburbs, not downtown Denver;
(D) the townhomes sold here are all 2/3 bedroom homes in a commuter neighborhood - average household has 3/4 cars;
(E) the Parking Policy was made in 2007 when the community was built - is is a regulation but is NOT included in our CC&R’s as an article, section or attachment. The CC&R’s do give the Board authority to make regulations, but this regulation was not included in the CC&R’s we received as new homeowners after 2007. On top of that, this regulation has not been reviewed since 2007 - frankly, it’s outdated.
2- due to the above Parking Policy, I started looking into our budget - there is no shortage of open parking spots, so I thought there might be a budgetary need for this exorbitant monthly fee. What I found out was:
(A) we were over $60k under budget in 2017;
(B) we are on track to be under budget for about the same in 2018 ($61k under budget as of Aug 15th);
(C) the surplus funds are being put in a reserve fund that is already over a million dollars (this is what they’re supposed to do with surplus fund, per our CC&R’s);
(D) I’m pretty sure we’re so under budget because they will not use this money for the road repairs on the HOA’s private property - we are involved in a 4yo lawsuit with the builders about the roads, so we cannot fix them with community funds;
(E) despite being under budget for 2017/2018, they are raising assessments in 2019 from an already pricey $185/month to $190/month.
In summary: they are raising monthly fees and adding an exorbitant monthly parking fee when we are tens of thousands under budget. How can they possibly justify raising assessments and/or adding this fee?
1- I have reached out to the Community Manager several times since Nov 15th - all I’m getting in response is “your concerns have been forwarded to the Board”.
2- I reached out to my neighbors via Nextdoor and also went around putting flyers on peoples windshields advising of the upcoming changes and how to complain to the Community Manager;
3- I know of at least 10 neighbors that complained to the Management Company, and have received the same lackadaisical response;
4- we belong to a bigger neighborhood HOA (that literally encompasses half the town, thousands of homes); I reached out to their Manager for any advice on how to proceed with the complaint, as there is no official avenue of complaint in our CC&R’s and I’m not getting a response from the Board. She just said she doesn’t really have any authority to step in;
5- last night I emailed our Community Manager and requested the contact information for the lawyer for our local community association - no reply yet;
6- I’m going to submit a complaint to my town’s government, though I don’t think there’s much they can do;
7- I’m going to submit a complaint to the Division of Real Estate for Colorado - but even they admit they neither investigate nor enforce, so not sure how helpful that will be either.
8- if nothing comes from either of those, I’ll have to go around the community getting a petition signed - but there is no official petition form or process included in our CC&R’s - how do I make sure they don’t ignore me/us?
Any advice on how to proceed here? Anything I’m doing or not doing that could help get an answer? My ultimate goal is to get an emergency HOA meeting scheduled so we can vote these things down. I’ve requested that in at least three separate emails to the Community Manager and the management company’s general inbox.
Thanks in advance,
Edit: edited spacing for legibility + wording + more wording
Update: I’m at work, and haven’t had a chance to read all the comments or reply. I did receive an email from the Community Manager a couple of hours ago and the Board is scheduling an emergency meeting for next week!
Also, I realize not all the comments here are positive, but, regardless, I want to give a blanket thank you to everyone who took the time to answer! Definitely didn’t expect all the feedback and really appreciate it!!!
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2018.07.19 19:38 kcrowe1981 Lost dog Lincoln Park/La Alma - 12 lb daschund/terrier mix - Fiona

Hello, My dog Fiona escaped from my yard around 9 PM on Wednesday night. I've walked the three blocks on the north side of 8th street and no sign of her. She is one of the friendliest, most social dogs ever, so I'm hoping that she ran up to someone who is hopefully going to turn her over to me (my # is on the tag) or bring her to a shelter in the AM (she is chipped). This is her (in the front) in a fleece vest in the winter. For size reference, she's in front of her little brother who is a 5 lb teacup chihuahua/rat terrier mix.
I just checked in with Maxfund this morning (she's chipped to them) and they haven't heard from anyone, and I have gotten no calls. This is very unlike her - if she ever gets away from me, she comes to me calling her, and generally has stopped within a half a block to a block from the house because she stops as soon as she sees a human or dog - her main motivation in running away is to socialize.
I am worried sick about her. Please share on any of these platforms, I'd really appreciate it.
This is also posted to:
Facebook "Colorado Lost & Found Pets"
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2018.02.01 19:12 dustlesswalnut RE: Water main replacement on Colorado Blvd-- Thanks Denver Water!

I received an update notification this morning about the water main replacement on Colorado between 26th and Colfax. When I first learned of this project last summer I assumed it would make Colorado even more of a traffic nightmare for six months, but I've really been quite surprised at how well they've mitigated the traffic impact. Just wanted to highlight their progress and see if others have had the same experience I have regarding the construction.
Since I can't find these updates anywhere other than Nextdoor, I've copied the text here, figured some of you might be affected by it but aren't on Nextdoor to see the updates.
Hello Neighbors,
This is a follow-up to my previous post on January 5 with an update on the water main replacement project in your area.
As a reminder, this project will replace three water mains from the 1890s in your neighborhood. This important $3.5 million project will replace an aging piece of infrastructure and safeguard water quality. The new water mains will have an increased diameter to accommodate future growth in the area. We are working in phases along this project. Please refer to the attached phase map as a visual reference.
1) We are still on schedule to finish the entire project by May 2018.
2) We signed a one-month agreement with the city to store equipment and material for the project in the northeast parking lot of City Park just north of the ballfields. This allowed us to move a significant amount of equipment and material out of the residential side streets.
3) We will be paving along Colorado Blvd. from Colfax Ave. to E. 17th Ave. this Saturday, February 3, during the day. There will be two northbound lanes closed for this work and only one northbound lane open.
1) We have completed Phase 1 of the project (Colorado Blvd. from Colfax Ave. to E. 17th Ave.) All work, besides paving, is complete and, as of yesterday, all equipment and material have been moved out of this area.
1) We have completed Phase 2 of the project (E. 17th Ave. from Colorado Blvd. to Jackson St.). All work, besides paving, is complete and all equipment and material have been moved out of this area. Paving will be completed tomorrow, February 2, during the day.
1) In Phase 3 of the project (Colorado Blvd. from E. 17th Ave. to Montview Blvd.), we have installed the new water main from E. 17th Ave. to 19th Ave. We are now installing the water main from 19th Ave. to Montview Blvd. Phase 3 is expected to be completed in mid-February.
1) Phase 4 of the project (Colorado Blvd. from Montview Blvd. to E. 23rd Ave.) will start next week and is scheduled to be completed in late-March.
2) In accordance with the city permit, we will be working overnight from 7:00pm – 5:00am Sunday night through Friday morning. There is no planned work for Friday night, Saturday or Sunday morning/afternoon. However, a weather event or specific outage restriction may result in occasional work during these times.
3) We will be closing two lanes of northbound Colorado Blvd. during work hours. But ALL lanes on Colorado Blvd. will be open from 5 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. every day during morning and afternoon rushes.
4) We will position some equipment along the project route and on side streets where needed. This will impact parking in the area of the project. Also, sandbags will be placed on curb grates to manage stormwater.
5) Planned water outages may occur for residents near the project. Impacted residents will receive a 24-hour notice for these outages.
1) Phase 5 of the project (Colorado Blvd. from E. 23rd Ave. to E. 26th Ave.) is scheduled to start in mid to late-March.
1) Phase 6 of the project (Montview Blvd. from Colorado Blvd. to Bellaire St.) was moved up and started this week. This phase is scheduled to be completed in late-March.
2) In accordance with the city permit, we will be working Monday-Friday from 7:00am – 5:30pm. There is no planned weekend work, however a weather event or specific outage restriction may result in occasional work during these times.
3) We will maintain two-way traffic along Montview at all times. However, street parking and bike lanes along the project route will be closed.
4) Planned water outages may occur for residents near the project. Impacted residents will receive a 24-hour notice for these outages.
For more project information: - Visit - Call Denver Water Customer Care, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., at 303-893-2444. - For emergencies after hours, call Denver Water Emergency Dispatch at 303-628-6801.
Denver Water is committed to being a good neighbor during construction. Please visit our website for more information on safety, equipment placement, construction hours, water interruption and other project impacts:
Thank you! Jason Finehout Denver Water Public Affairs
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2018.01.21 21:55 user73537 Infant care in Hale/Hilltop Area?

I'm due to have a baby in July and planning on taking 3 months off to care of our infant before going back to work. Before I get some comments telling me to quit my job, I'll just say that yes, the salary/benefits are worth it, so I have no intention of quitting my job.
I've read some older posts on /Denver about infant care and I've done some general Googling about daycare in the metro area, so I have an idea of what I'm getting into financially.
My question is for those of you who have gone through this experience: did you ultimately decide that a nanny-share situation was better than daycare, or did you find a daycare in the Hale/Hilltop area that you really liked? If daycare, which one? Apart from making a recommendation about a specific daycare, if you went the nanny-share route, how did you find your nanny (assuming it was a positive experience)? Should I start posting on Nextdoor now for possible nanny-shares since it's nearly 10 months to go before I need a nanny or wait till I'm closer to having the baby?
So you know, I'm all about bilingual/international/interesting daycare centers. I was raised in a bilingual household and would love to give that gift to my child. I'm ultimately hoping to enroll my child in one of the more unique Denver public schools, but there aren't as many options that I can find at this early stage.
Thanks in advance!
edit: spelling, grammar
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2018.01.14 08:33 denver_mods Denver Weekly Event Listing 1/14 - 1/20

/Denver best of 2017 results

How to submit an event - it's super easy!

  1. Comment below
  2. Include the name of event, date (this upcoming week only), cost of admission, a direct link to the website, and the category (music, film, job fair, general shenanigans, etc) and we'll add it up here! Note whether it is a one-time event or recurring. Don't add sold out events, or link to third party ticket sellers, please.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, January 14th:

  • 5:00pm – Concealed carry class FREE @ Framing Life Productions Studio (Tickets]
  • 7:30pm - Ludlow - $7 - $10 @ Seventh Circle (More Info)
  • 8:00pm – Bouncing Souls $29.75 (plus fees likely) @ Bluebird

Monday, January 15th:

  • 10:00am – Title Insurance 101 FREE – (Tickets)
  • 8:00pm – St Vincent @ Fillmore $33.50 - $36 (Tickets)
  • 9:00pm – Blues Night @ hi-dive FREE (Tickets)

Tuesday, January 16th:

  • 9:30pm – Open Mic Comedy @ The Black Buzzard FREE (Tickets)

Wednesday, January 17th:

  • 7:00pm – Thunder and Rain @ Moe’s BBQ FREE (Tickets)
  • 7:00pm – Peak2Peak (Grateful Dead tribute) @ Herman’s Hideaway $4 - $8 (Tickets)
  • 8:00pm – Wild Mountain @ Your Mom’s House $5 - $8 (Tickets
  • 9:30pm – Oskar Blues Comedy Show Presents: Derek Sheen @ The Black Buzzard FREE (Tickets)
  • 10:00pm – Free Comedy @ Streets of London Pub (Tickets)

Thursday, January 18th:

  • 4:30pm – #COllapporative January APPy Hour @ Microsoft Technology Office (More info)
  • 8:00pm – Folly Fields @ The Walnut Room $10 - $15 (Tickets)

Friday, January 19th:

  • 8:30pm – Casey Donahew Band @ Grizzly Rose (Tickets)
  • 10:00pm – Bill Bellamy @ Denver Improv $TBA (Tickets)

Saturday, January 20th:

  • 9:00am - Denver Women's March (Men Welcome too) @ Starts at Civic Center Park (More Info)
  • 12:00pm – Intro to Axe Throwing @ 1720 S Sante Fe Dr $15-$15 (Tickets)
  • 9:00pm – Flamingosis @ Larimer Lounge $15.75 - $18.75 (Tickets)
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2017.11.19 22:26 denver_mods Denver Weekly Event Listing: November 19 - 26

How to submit an event - it's super easy!

  1. Comment below
  2. Include the name of event, date (this upcoming week only), cost of admission, a direct link to the website, and the category (music, film, job fair, general shenanigans, etc) and we'll add it up here! Note whether it is a one-time event or recurring. Don't add sold out events, or link to third party ticket sellers, please.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, November 19th:

  • 2:30pm – Choral Evensong – FREE @ Saint John’s Cathedral (More info)
  • 7:30pm - Tori Amos - music - $49.50 - $79.50 @ The Paramount Theatre (More Info)

Monday, November 20th:

  • "All Day (thru 12/24)" - Understudy: Denver’s experimental art & culture incubator - Art Installations, DJs - FREE @ Colorado Convention Center (More Info)
  • 8:30pm - Morrissey - Music - $65 - $99 (plus fees) @ The Paramount Theatre (More Info)

Wednesday, November 22nd:

  • 11am - 7pm (thru..?)- Ice Skating Rink at Skyline Park - Rec - FREE ($2 to rent skates) @ 16th & Arapahoe (More Info)

Thursday (Thanksgiving), November 23rd:

  • 7:30am - 9:30am - Gravy Boat 5K - Athletics / Travel Advisory - $20 - $30 @ Sloan's Lake (More Info)

Friday, November 24th:

  • 6:00pm - Light the Lights - Holiday Lights - FREE @ City & County Building (More Info)

Saturday, November 25th:

  • 8:00am - 8:00pm - 38th Street Underpass Mural Painting - Art, Public Service - FREE, plus a free beer for helping @ 3800 Wynkoop (More Info)
  • 10:00am - 1:00pm - Arts & Crafts Fair (also Sunday) - FREE @ St Rose of Lima (1345 W Dakota Ave) (More Info)
  • 7:00pm - GWAR - Music - $22 / $25(Day of Show) - Summit Music Hall (More Info)
  • 7:30pm - Jewel's Handmade Holiday Tour - Music - $39.50 - $59.50 (+fees) @ The Paramount Theatre (More Info)

Sunday, November 26th:

  • 11:00am - 2:00pm - Turkey Bowl + Help Feed the Homeless - Flag Football, Other Games, Community Outreach @ Crescent Park (782 Rosyln) (More Info)
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2017.07.28 22:44 denverhousehunter Looking for thoughts and constructive comments around the pitbull ban in Denver city and county.

I'm on the website Nextdoor for my neighborhood (Sloan's Lake), and people regularly post about lost/found pitbulls in Denver city and county. There is always a comment or two about how they are illegal and it starts a massive social media war. I did some research, and it turns out they are illegal.
I honestly don't care either way, but I do find it interesting that people just completely ignore the law. Does Denver enforce this? I'm looking for thoughts from the /Denver community on this one.
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How to Contact Nextdoor

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Denver7 reporter Jaclyn Allen tells us police are getting out of the Nextdoor app entirely. The Denver Channel, 7News, brings you the latest trusted news and information for Denver, Colorado, Mile ... Smokies offizielles Video zu 'Living Next Door to Alice' Hier gibt's das Album 'Greatest Hits Vol. 1': Abonniere jetzt... Denver's Union Station, 2017. Musk opens Indianapolis restaurant at 46th and College, his second restaurant in the city - Duration: 1:26. RTV6 The Indy Channel 484 views Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. DUSBSan 8.17.20. Approx. 8 p.m. Glad they're not coming here for once! However, the residents from those complexes always come in here. I caught a few of the... I spent too much of my childhood watching and dreaming of being part of the Kids Next Door. Now that I'd be on the losing side of a fight with the Kids Next ... 'Civility makes social interaction possible. It allows us to live in a diverse and heterogenous sociaity, but nevertheless coordinate for common purposes. It's important to find a way to get along ... Nextdoor is the neighborhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services. We believe that by bringing neighbors ... Denver is working hard to connect neighborhoods and neighbors and make our city more equitable for all residents. Join me and Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar during... CBS Denver Recommended for you. 2:29. ... Using Nextdoor app could lead criminals right to you - Duration: 1:34. KOCO 5 News Recommended for you. 1:34. How to make a horse a friend.